Samsung MFD Solution

Nowadays, smart technology has to be extended to keep up with the fast-paced world. Businesses tend to gain same level of intuitiveness and flexibility to all devices in order to maintain competitive edges. A printer is no exception. We therefore offer a smart printing option, Samsung MFD solution. It can be easily managed while still delivering powerful performance at reduced costs.

Android smart printing(Suggest picking 4 points)

Innovation and usability is built into the SMART MX4 and MX7 series. The Samsung SMART UX Centre is the first smart Android™ printing UX that is intuitive, extendible and synchronizes compatibility with various Android™-based devices.

Preloaded applications and widgets

Favorite applications such as Copy, Scan / Send, Box, Job Status, Address Book and Help are being preloaded while custom widgets provide instant access to frequently used functions.

Faster scanning and fuss-free printing

With high-performance speed printing, businesses can work smoothly and operate more efficiently. The SMART MX4 and MX7 series are equipped with Dual-Scan ADF technology that delivers faster scanning speeds of up to 80 single-sided image per minute (ipm), up to 100 double side ipm for colour and up to 120 double-side ipm for mono. A 1 GHz dual-core CPU powers printing up to 60 pages per minute (MX 7 series).

High-quality output

Samsung’s unique Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology delivers sharper text and cleaner images. A superior resolution of 1200 x 1200 effective dpi makes every output stand out.