Hardware Maintenance Service

PTT provides effective, stable and cost effective Hardware Maintenance Service to our partners and customers in Hong Kong, Macau and South China.

Imaging the simplicity of a single-point accountability in the next time when you have to deal with frustrating—and often costly—hardware problems. PTT Hardware Maintenance Services portfolio makes this as a reality by offering a wide range of customizable hardware support services to help you resolve hardware issues quickly and conveniently. We can also manage your needs for the maintenance and support by relying on our extensive infrastructure and technical expertise.

Hardware Maintenance Services can help you:

  • Get the right support for your hardware assets
  • Leverage single-call accountability for hardware support
  • Minimize costly downtime and protect against outages
  • Accelerate recovery

Hardware maintenance has performed like an insurance policy for your infrastructure, with fixed annual payments that like to pay dividends when you matched your desired business expectation.

PTT helps organizations enhance the business value of their IT investment through improved operational efficiency and service levels – allowing you to maintain the control over your IT operations, infrastructure and costs. Through our highly skilled resources, proven methodologies and innovative solutions, PTT helps you to achieve the quality of service which your business demands.

PTT offers a selective sourcing model that allows you to choose the components of your IT infrastructure you would like us to manage. And as your business requirements change, PTT provides the flexibility which adapts your IT solution to fit your business needs by reallocating the existing resources to where they should be.