Managed Network Services & Security Assessment

Managed Network Services

Switch & Router

PTT investigates whether the customer’s network environment and its utilization comply with the new business and/or technical standards. This will also create a more stable, reliable, cost-effective and manageable network environment in line with business and technical needs. Our network services are one of the ways to lower the infrastructure costs while performance can be increased by our transformation services such as network acceleration and virtualization. These services enable companies to shift their workload from dedicated routers, firewalls and load balancing appliances to virtual service architecture which is capable of dispensing scalable capacity on demand.


Whatever you need a hotel WiFi network, retail WiFi network or a high density user WiFi network, PTT network team can engineer a network to meet your unique requirements. Providing services from the cost effective yet high-speed solutions for small hotels / retails, to large scale enterprise grade networks for high occupancy facilities, our WiFi engineers have experiences of designing networks of various sizes and usages, and engineering WiFi networks for large and complex venues such as high rise luxury hotels. Casinos, resorts and conference centers.

Network Security Assessment

To avoid security breach and loss of critical business data, it is necessary to define, identify, and classify security gaps in your network. PTT provides numerous assessment services as below:

  1.  Network Architecture Design Review: Security-orientated evaluation of your network-based computing environment, from both architectural and operational perspectives.
  2. Network Vulnerability Assessment: Efficiently evaluate network’s security posture from different locations, by scanning the network for vulnerabilities and manually validating the results.
  3. Internal and External Penetration Testing: Identifies and exploits existing vulnerabilities on internal and external networks, providing a practical security evaluation of network infrastructure.
  4. Wireless Security Assessment: Security-orientated evaluation of wireless network infrastructure by assessing the effectiveness of network security and identifying security issues and vulnerabilities.

Network Maintenance

Daily network maintenance is a fundamental task to every network administrator. By outsourcing this task to PTT team, OPEX can be reduced, while head-count control, ability to adopt new technology and flexibility can be greatly increased.

Security Assessment

  1. Information security assessments can be effective for identifying and fixing issues in your enterprise’s policies.
  2. The ultimate goal is to spot and fix the weaknesses before others exploits them. PTT security professionals will take proper steps, so that the identified risks can be understood, resolved or otherwise accepted as part of the information risk management lifecycle.