Office 365 and SharePoint Migration

Office 365 and SharePoint Migration

You are always in sync! Office 365 connects employees and business partners anytime, anywhere.

With full understanding of the platforms, we keep abreast of latest development to provide a set of comprehensive integration plans and maximize the utilities of Office 365 for organizations with different needs.

To facilitate the migration process, we quickly consolidate enterprise content from legacy systems or previous Microsoft SharePoint versions, into Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online, minimizing interruption to business operation.

Key Features & Benefits (Suggest picking 4 points)

  • Comprehensive Migration Solution: Support all stages of migration through comprehensive solution from pre-migration planning to detail reporting on migration activities and history.
  • Analysis & Content Classification: Plan migration analysis by approaching pre-scan tools and then set policies for content selection based on age, usage patterns, sensitivity, classification, or other business criteria.
  • Full-Fidelity Migrations: Perform data transformation mappings to ensure that content is migrated with full fidelity – including all configurations, permissions, and metadata – while accounting for differences between the source and destination environments.
  • Reorganize Information Architecture: Clean up existing clutter by restructuring content “on the fly” to achieve a more logical information architecture and resolve problems with site collection and content databases nearing or exceeding supported limits.