Power Backup

From small business to enterprise, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solution is critical to keep business running. We offer Power UPS solution ranging from 1KVA to 300KVA to ensure that data and equipment are properly protected while processes are not interrupted. The product provides continuous power supply and conditioning for a variety of applications including Aerospace / Defense, Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare & Medical, High Tech, K12 / Higher Education, Professional Services, Retail & Wholesale Trade, Scientific Labs & Research, and Transportation.


All electrical facility needs are covered with Power UPS solution. We offer a complete portfolio of equipment from which to choose including:

  • Single and three phase UPS for all required capacities
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Paralleling switchgear
  • Transient voltage surge supperssors

Power UPS solution is constantly innovating technologies to meet and accomplish customer expectations.

  • UPS redundant parallel architecture
  • Power space vector modulation
  • Back-up power switching controls

Having over 20 years of experience in electrical industry with a wide mix of successful installations, Power UPS solution create and execute solutions with full coverage.

  • Support for multiple vendor products
  • System lifecycle mangaement
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics