To urge client to get involved, we enjoy the simple pleasures standing out in the remarkable and gratifying works.

WOOX innovations

WOOX innovations is an international company headquartered in Hong Kong with 90 branch offices worldwide and more than 1800 users. In 2014, we took the mission to transfer all IT data of WOOX from Philips, the mother company, to new buyer Gibson in only 12 months.

On such a tough schedule, we accomplished the mission by showing not only the professionalism in scope of IT techniques but through excellent communication and arrangement between WOOX’s global departments.


With dedicated researches and comprehensive preparations to delve into the company’s needs, we gain the trust of client and grasp the opportunity to pitch in the project.

Our task is to refresh the whole data storage infrastructure to the most updated version with enhancement of state-of-the-art technologies on both software and hardware levels.

It successfully increased company’s management flexibility and cost efficiency, making it more supportive of business initiatives and goals.


Belle is a fast growing listed retail corporate in footwear industry with huge amount of variety documents such as videos, photos, sales reports, invoices, and contracts across 14 brands. However, the client has struggle with effectively search and re-using those files because of unsynchronized file index from separated brands.

To cut through this Gordian knot, we targeted to enhance content management by migrating file server and standardizing items in their internal systems.

The untiring team overcame the challenge of huge data migration (more than 6TB) and delivered qualified services by establishing an easy-to-use system with agile architecture to successfully centralize the files from 1400 items into 800 items in just three months.

WOOX innovations (SharePoint solution)

To improve performance through effective knowledge sharing and facilitate the process of distributing up-to-date documents, we unified sources from different versions into the highly functional corporate intranet on Office 365 and targeted to complete the project less than six months.

It could be an arduous process to develop applications from scratch, revamp the procedures and communicate with global sectors to deliver better operation flow.

However, our versatile team overcame by showing great IT knowledge and techniques as well as sophisticated communication skills. The client is now able to connect their globally dispersed workforce more effectively and break down the barriers to firm-wide communication.