Mergers and Acquisition on Link Hatch Technology Limited


Pro-Tech Technology confirmed becoming the major shareholder of Link Hatch Technology Limited.

Link Hatch is a camera-based A.I. solutions provider with skillful in A.I. ENABLED VIDEO ANALYTICS. They envision the interconnection of physical and digital worlds, through Video Analytics and IoT devices enabled by Artificial intelligence (AI), supporting the sustainable growth of productivity and seamless interactive experiences.


“Today represents an important milestone as Link Hatch’s Enterprise A.I. business richer our solutions that together form the Pro-Tech platform,” said Mr Ben Chong, Director of Pro-Tech, said, “We have noticed that A.I. Technologies become the main trend in 2018 and it may continuous impacting technologies development in coming 10 years. A.I. technologies impacted software and the Internet industry and other verticals such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, automobile and agriculture. This transaction represents the first step  in our strategy to catch up with the trends.


Link Hatch is recognized as a top A.I. enterprise solution provider and offered comprehensive A.I. Total Solutions with Consultation, Design, Implementation, Expansion Road Map & Sustainability Plans to the market. We look forward to discovering more different AI solutions to benefit more industries.